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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Unbelievable Search Engine Market Shares

Brett Tabke posted the quarterly stats on numbers of search queries:

Google:5.65 billion U.S. queries37.6 percent market share
Yahoo:4.65 billion U.S. queries30.4 percent market share
MSN:2.39 billion U.S. queries15.6 percent market share
AOL/Time Warner:1.41 billion U.S. queries9.2 percent market share
Ask Jeeves:0.93 billion U.S. queries6.1 percent market share

#2's figures being that close to #1 leads me to the conclusion, that Yahoo! and most probably also MSN? are performing some one handed statistic tuning by searching themselves.

Google delivers more than 50 percent of all referrers, that percentage includes each and every link an Internet user clicks on any Web site, not only searches.

If !&? don't send their searching users to a NUL device, all traffic landing stats prove that the above number of search queries is plain false.

However, to understand stats one should be a statistician, or a liar. My conclusion could be totally wrong, since what do I know about stats? The same goes for the astonished and confused posters in that WMW thread.

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