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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Awesome: Ms. Googlebot Provides Reports

Before Yahoo's Site Explorer goes live, Google provides advanced statistics in the sitemap program. Ms. Googlebot now tells the webmaster which spider food she refused to eat, and why. The 'lack of detailed stats' has produced hundreds of confused posts in the Google Sitemaps Group so far.

As Google Sitemaps was announced at June/02/2005, Shiva Shivakumar stated "We are starting with some basic reporting, showing the last time you've submitted a Sitemap and when we last fetched it. We hope to enhance reporting over time, as we understand what the webmasters will benefit from". Google's Sitemaps team closely monitored the issues and questions brought up by the webmasters, and since August/30/2005 there are enhanced stats. Here is how it works.

Google's crawler reports provide information on URIs spidered from sitemaps and URIs found during regular crawls by following links, regardless whether the URI is listed in a sitemap or not. Ms. Googlebot's error reports are accessible for a site's webmasters only, after a more or less painless verification of ownership. They contain all sorts of errors, for example dead links, conflicts with exclusions in the robots.txt file and even connectivity problems.

Google's crawler report is a great tool, kudos to the sitemaps team!

More good news from the Sitemaps Blog:
Separate sitemaps for mobile content to enhance a site's visibility in Google's mobile search.

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