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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bait Googlebot With RSS Feeds

Seeing Ms. Googlebot's sister running wild on RSS feeds, I'm going to assume that RSS feeds may become a valuable tool to support Google's fresh and deep crawls. Test it for yourself:

Create a RSS feed with a few unlinked or seldom spidered pages which are not included in your XML sitemap. Add the feed to your personalized Google Home Page ('Add Content' -> 'Create Section' -> Enter Feed URL). Track spider accesses to the feed and the included pages as well. Most probably Googlebot will request your feed more often than Yahoo's FeedSeeker and similar bots. Chances are that Googlebot-Mozilla is nosy enough to crawl at least some of the pages linked in the feed.

That does not help a lot with regard to indexing and ranking, but it seems to be a neat procedure helping the Googlebot sisters spotting fresh content. In real life add the pages to your XML sitemap, link to them and acquire inbound links...

To test the waters, I've added RSS generation to my Simple Google Sitemaps Generator. This tool reads a plain page list from a text file, and generates a dynamic XML sitemap, a RSS 2.0 site feed and a hierarchical HTML site map.

Related article on Google's RSS endeavors: Why Google is an RSS laggard

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