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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Google's Master Plan

Alerted by Nick I had the chance to take a look at Google's current master plan. Niall Kennedy "took some shots of the Google master plan. There is a long set of whiteboards next to the entrance to one of the Google buildings. The master plan is like a wiki: there is an eraser and a set of pens at the end of the board for people to edit and contribute to the writing on the wall."

Interesting to see that "Directory" is not yet checked. Does this indicate that Google has plans to build its own? Unchecked items like "Diet", "Mortgages" and "Real Estate" make me wonder what kind of services for those traditional spammy areas Google hides in its pipeline. The red dots or quotes cramping "Dating" may indicate that maps, talk, mail and search get a new consolidated user interface soon. The master plan also reveals that they've hired Vint Cerf to develop a world wide dark fiber/WiFi next generation web based on a redesigned TCP/IP and HTTP protocol.

Is all that beyond belief? Perhaps, perhaps not, but food for thoughts at any rate, if the shots are for real and not part of a funny disinformation campaign. Go study the plan and speculate yourself.

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