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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How to escape Google's 'Sandbox'

Matt Cutt's recent Pubcon talk on the infamous 'Sandbox' not only cleared the myth. The following discussion at Threadwatch, Webmasterworld (paid) and many other hangouts revealed some gems, summed up by Andy Hagans: it's all about trust.

The 'Sandbox' is not an automated aging delay, it's not a penalty for optimized sites, it's not an inbound link counter over the time axis, just to name a few of the theories floating around. The 'Sandbox' is simply the probation period Google needs to gather TrustRank™ and to evaluate its quality guidelines.

To escape the 'Sandbox' a new Web site needs trusted authority links, amplified and distributed by clever internal linkage, and a critical mass of trustworthy, unique, and original content. Enhancing useability and crawler friendliness helps too. IOW, back to the roots.

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