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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

SEO for Consulting Firms, Laywers, Tax Advisors ...

To attract targeted search engine traffic, a consulting firm must publish all business secrets on the 'Net. Well, that does not mean the payroll and the balance sheet, but I needed a provoking slogan for a piece I wrote on a suitable SEO strategy for consultants, which by definition do not tell anything without a fee payed upfront ;)

Asking why so many consulting firms lack search engine visibility leads to a simple conclusion: they hide themselves on the Web. They do actively prevent search engines from ranking their Web sites in top spots on the search result pages, although they spend shitloads of jolly green giants to operate fancy Web sites, which please the ego but not the engines or even the user.

In their constant fear to reveal knowledge which may be sellable some day, they praise their genius in terrific mission statements and generic visions, but they don't put up any indexable content with the potential to rank for solutions and services they provide.

I hope it's a good read: A SEO Strategy for Consulting Firms

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