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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WMW Gem - Don't optimize for keywords

Desperate optimizing for paricular keyword phrases can kill way better converting SE traffic for natural search terms.

In a usually pretty useless Google-Update-Thread MHes provides a real gem, start reading with message 183 of "Dealing With Consequences of Jagger Update" in the Google forum. If you want to hear it from the horses mouth, then listen to this Matt Cutts interview at Webmaster Radio, spotted via TreadWatch.

Actually that's not a new thing. Writing a (longer) natural copy triggers more search queries than a (short) page heavily targeting the apparently money term harvested from various keyword research tools. It's a good idea to support longer pages with short pieces highlighting particular terms, e.g. footnote pages, glossary pages and so on, but the large page usually generates the most sales.

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