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Friday, January 06, 2006

Can you trust a SEO who steals?

Tahir J. Farooque runs a SEO service in Los Angeles: Cresoft Corporation. Instead of writing up articles on search engine optimization for the company's Web site at cresoft dot com, he prefers to steal those from other Web sites.

Tahir J. Farooque is not only a content thief, T.J. Farooque is an incredible stupid plagiarist. When this not that savvy thief receives a cease & desist letter, the stolen content gets shortened a bit. Laughable to think a thief can get away with theft by rearranging the sales pitch thrown together from stolen content. But that's Tahir Farooque's poor mind. Putting a business at legal risk and asking for bad publicity seems to be easier than writing an own copy. Perhaps Tahir F. is not capable of doing his own research, but then he lacks a fundamental skill for a search engine optimizer. Would you assign SEO work to a stupid thief?

I've put up a page with screen shots, whois info etc. under Content Theft: Tahir J. Farooque's plagiarism at CRESOFT.COM (Cresoft Corporation), feel free to link to it with a suitable anchor text.

UPDATE: The content theft sold the company, and the new owner apologized for the plagiarism. That's why I've removed the info page linked above and crossed out the company name.

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