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Sunday, April 08, 2007

5 Reasons why I blog

So since Matt Cutts tagged by Vanessa Fox cat-tagged me 5 times ;) I add my piece.

    Napping cats don't listen
  1. Well, I've started this blog because every dog and his grandpa blogs, but the actual reason was, that I couldn't convince my beloved old cat listening my rants any more. Sadly my old comrade died years ago in the age of 15, leaving alone a gang of two legged monsters rampage in house and garden.

  2. Since then I've used my blogs for kidding, bollocks, and other stuff not suitable for more or less static sites where I publish more seriously. However, I've scraped some wholehearted posts from the blog to put them on the consulting platform, because this site is way more popular. Vice versa I've blogged announced my other articles and projects here. This blog is somewhat a playground to test the waters and concurrently a speaking tube. I still find it difficult to do that with another platform, the timely character of blogging perfectly allows burying of half-baked things.

  3. Every now and then I write an open letter to Google, for example my series of pleas to revamp rel=nofollow. Perhaps a googler is listening ;)
    Also, a blog is a neat instrument to get the attention of folks who don't seem to listen.

  4. Frankly I like to share ideas and knowledge. Blogging is the perfect platform to raise rumors or myths too. Also, writing helps me to structure my thoughts, this works even better in a foreign language.

  5. Last but not least I use my blog as reference. While providing Google user support sometimes I just drop a link, particulary as answer to repetitive questions. By the way Google's Webmaster Forum is a nice place to chase SEO tidbits straight from the horse's mouth.

Although I admit I've somewhat tag-baited my way in here, I'm tagging you:
Thu Tu
John Müller
John Honeck
Jim Boykin
Gurtie & Chris

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