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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


John Brittany Spear, blogging nude about mesothelioma and ringtones all day long, asked me to introduce the GoogleWhack Brittany-Spear-Nude-mesothelioma-ringtones.

Well, that gets me somewhat nervous, coz Brittany Spear sounds more like a pretty handsome gal. Anybody got a nude pic to download? Actually, I can't imagine a blog titled John "Brittany Spear" talking about mesothelioma ringtones. By the way, I know what a ringtone is, but how the heck can a cell phone sound like a tumor? Is there a place to download free mesothelioma ringtones for my mobile phone? Or is that a laywer's trick to get me sick on Brittany Spear, whoever that may be, and however she may look undressed? Not that I dislike nude Brittanies, in fact I do love a naked Brittany for breakfast, but I'm not sure I'd download a nudist suffering from mesothelioma at an all for free ringtone site.

Also, what will the allmighty Google think about my keyword stuffing when it comes to ringtones related to mesothelioma discussed by a nude Brittany Spear selling PR8 links for as low as $299.00? Is that fun or spam? Go figure ...

Actually, I deserve the pain caused by exposure to asbestos fibres, particulary those of crocidolite, the fibres of which are thin and straight and penetrate to the deep layers of the lung.

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