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Monday, June 04, 2007

Fraud from the desk of Sebastian Foss

Frequently I receive emails from very angry people complaining about various "SEO tools" and "Money Making Software" delivered from the desk of Sebastian Foss (AdBlaster, Instant Booster, eZine blaster, Blog Blaster, Feed Blaster, Newsgroup Blaster, eBay Cash Machine, Doorway Page Generator, Google Cash Machine, and countless more scams), which got their sites banned or which just didn't work as promised, asking for a refund and demanding compensation. I'm sick of replying to all these emails to set the records straight, so here is the guy's address:

e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd.
Sebastian Foss
Böhler Str.14
Lindlar, 51789, North Rhine-Westphalia
Germany [map]
Phone: +49 2266 478 230
Fax: +49 2266 478 197

I suffer from his fraudulent and spammy activities too. I find his URLs in my referrer stats, I receive his email spam from the desk of Sebastian Foss, and people get mad on me because they assume I'm him just because I blog about SEO and Internet marketing.

Here is the last email spam I got from Sebastian Foss1) at here's the attached HTML file:A smart investigator can should be capable to assign this URL on to e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd., Sebastian Foss' company in Lindlar, Germany.

If you're sick of spam and scams from the desk of Sebastian Foss too, then turn him in. Last time I looked, sending out email spam is a crime in Germany. In case the spam report form below (courtesy of the german cops) doesn't work, here you go: Police Lindlar, Germany.
SPAM REPORT (yellow background = mandatory)

Your coordinates:

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