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Thursday, April 19, 2007

AdSense asks me "Are You Gay?", but why?

John emailed me this screenshot:
Are you gay?

I wondered why the heck AdSense considers a post on Google's new URL removal tool gay in nature. Warning! These links (Google search results) are not safe at work:

0.08% gay: "fell in love"
0.11% gay: "neat"
0.05% gay: "terminator"
0.02% gay: "competitors"
0.04% gay: "user"
14.7% gay: "friendly"
56.4% gay: "tool"

Who can help me to figure out the remaining 28.6% gayness? I mean when putting two ads asking "Are you gay" above and below the post, Ol' AdSense should be at least 100.0% certain that this question will not offend me. Actually, I'm not offended. I'm just curious to learn more about a possible coming out.

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